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Making a production build of a PHP project with Subversion?

rem replace the v1 directory with the export directory
rd /s /q v1
move /y export
ewIMS v1
rd /s /q export

rem remove the prepDocs directory from the project
rd /s /q v1prepDocs

rem remove the scripts directory from the project
rd /s /q v1scripts

rem remove individual files from project
del v1.project
rem del v1inc	estLoad.html
rem del v1inc	estInc.js

SET /P version=Please enter version number:

rem zip the file up with 7-Zip and name it after whatever version number the user typed in.
7z a -r v1

rem copy everything to the shared space ready for deployment
xcopy /s /q /y /i "Z:ITIT SecurityIT"
xcopy v1 /s /q /y /i "Z:ITIT SecurityIT ProjectsIMScurrentVersion"

rem keep the window open until user presses any key

Tags: php svn scripting tortoisesvn build-process

Source: By cmcculloh as answer to the question

This code snippet was collected from stackoverflow, and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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