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How do I convert from screen space coordinates to image space coordinates in WinForms PictureBox?

// Recompute the image scaling the zoom mode uses to fit the image on screen
imageScale ::= min(pictureBox.width / image.width, pictureBox.height / image.height)

scaledWidth  ::= image.width * imageScale
scaledHeight ::= image.height * imageScale

// Compute the offset of the image to center it in the picture box
imageX ::= (pictureBox.width - scaledWidth) / 2
imageY ::= (pictureBox.height - scaledHeight) / 2

// Test the coordinate in the picture box against the image bounds
if pos.x < imageX or imageX + scaledWidth < pos.x then return null
if pos.y < imageY or imageY + scaledHeight < pos.y then return null

// Compute the normalized (0..1) coordinates in image space
u ::= (pos.x - imageX) / imageScale
v ::= (pos.y - imageY) / imageScale
return (u, v)

Tags: c# picturebox winforms

Source: By fastcall as answer to the question

This code snippet was collected from stackoverflow, and is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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