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Can I have method returning IEnumeratorT> and use it in foreach loop?

// Generic function that gets all child controls of a certain type, 
// returned in a List collection
private static List<T> GetChildTextBoxes<T>(Control ctrl) where T : Control{
    List<T> tbs = new List<T>();
    foreach (Control c in ctrl.Controls) {
        // If c is of type T, add it to the collection
        if (c is T) { 
    return tbs;

private static void SetChildTextBoxesHeight(Control ctrl, int height) {
    foreach (TextBox t in GetChildTextBoxes<TextBox>(ctrl)) {
        t.Height = height;

Tags: c# ienumerable ienumerator foreach

Source: By littlecharva as answer to the question

This code snippet was collected from stackoverflow, and is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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